The Vaults

“Despite the stylish refurbishment making the basement a top shopping and leisure destination, visitors are still able to see individual marks left by the stonemasons involved in their construction.”
Manchester Evening News

Situated in the basement area of Market Place. The recently unveiled Vaults are a stunning backdrop to Bolton’s new social scene. These Vaults are part of the original market halls and have a history dating back to the 1800s and as part of our big renovation, The Vaults have been uncovered and refurbished and continue to be refitted to make way for some of the nation’s favourite restaurant chains.

Walking in The Vaults, which date back to 1855, you can see the individual marks left by stonemasons, keen to celebrate the creation of another successful brick in the wall. It is a sense of history that is very important – one which the people of Bolton are honoured to be able to share. The stones and paths date from the Victorian era and have never been showcased before.

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